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[Somerset Maugham]
[ 0074 ]

[Gulliver in Lilliput]
[ 0075 ]

[Charles Dickens]
[ 0076 ]

[Hopital Cochin]
[ 0077 ]

[Rue du Pot de Fer]
[ 0078 ]

[Down and Out in London]
[ 0079 ]

[Bank of the Seine]
[ 0080 ]

[Richard Walmesley Blair]
[ 0081 ]

[Eric, 14 years old]
[ 0082 ]

[Ida Blair with Eric]
[ 0083 ]

[The writer]
[ 0084 ]

[Ida Mabel Blair]
[ 0085 ]

Legend [d]:
74. Somerset Maugham. Orwell admired "his power of telling a story straightforwardly and without frills". (Painting by Gerald Kelly, 1911. The Tate Gallery)
75. 'Gulliver in Lilliput after the sea battle'. (Illustrated by Morten from the 1864 edition of Gullivers Travels by Jonathan Swift.) "If I had to make a list of six books which were to be preserved when all others were destroyed, I would certainly put Gulliver's Travels among them." (Politics vs. Literature).
76. Charles Dickens. Orwell had mixed feelings about the great English novelist ("rotten architecture, wonderful gargoyles") which he summed up brilliantly in his essay, Charles Dickens. (BBC[g] Hulton Picture Library)
77. Hopital Cochin in Paris. Orwell was a patient there in 1929 and later recalled his experiences in the essay 'How the Poor Die' (Roger-Violet)
78. Corner of Rue du Pot de Fer and Rue Tournefoit, Paris. Orwell lived at No. 6, Rue du Pot de Fer which he transformed into Rue du Coq d'Or in Down and Out in Paris and London (Roger-Violet)
79. Down and Out in London during the 1920s. (BBC Hulton Picture Library)
80. Down and Out on the bank of the Seine in Paris (Roger-Violet)
81. Orwell's father, Richard Walmesley Blair, at Southwold in 1937, aged 80. (Orwell Archive)
82. Orwell (right), aged 14, with two childhood friends, Prosper and Guiniver Buddicom, during the school holidays near Henley. (Orwell Archive)
83. Orwell's mother, Ida Blair, with the infant Eric in India. (Mrs Jane Morgan. Orwell Archive)
84. George Orwell (1903-1950) -- The writer. (Orwell Archive)
85. Ida Mabel Blair in 1937
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