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[Langford Court]
[ 0062 ]

[Barcelona Restaurant today]
[ 0063 ]

[Ministry of Truth]
[ 0064 ]

[Home Guard exercise]
[ 0065 ]

[Letter from Forster to Orwell]
[ 0066 ]

[Julian Symons]
[ 0067 ]

[Arthur Koestler]
[ 0068 ]

[V. S. Pritchett]
[ 0069 ]

[Donald McGill postcard]
[ 0070 ]

[Another McGill postcard]
[ 0071 ]

[Jack London]
[ 0072 ]

[Joseph Conrad]
[ 0073 ]

Legend [d]:
62. Langford Court, St. John's Wood, where Orwell lived after he joined the BBC[g]. (Photo: W. J. West)
63. The Barcelona Restaurant today, then a haunt of Spanish Civil War veterans and one of Orwell's favourite meeting places. (Photo: W. J. West)
64. Senate House, Malet Street, wartime headquarters of the Ministry of Information and model for the 'Ministry of Truth' in Nineteen Eighty-Four. It was visible to Orwell from Langford Court. (Photo: W. J. West)
65. A wartime Home Guard exercise of the kind Orwell strongly supported. The figure fifth from the right looks remarkably like Orwell. (Photo: Hulton Picture Library)
66. An autograph letter from Forster to Orwell
67. The writer Julian Symons, a friend of Orwell's in his last yearrs. (Photo: John Vickers. J. Symons archive)
68. Arthur Koestler: Orwell's friend and fellow campaigner against the drift towards totalitarianism. (BBC Hulton Picture Library)
69. V. S. Pritchett, who wrote of Orwell that he was an Englishman "who went native in his own country". (Photo: Howard Coster. National Portrait Gallery)
70. The ever-popular Donald McGill postcards which Orwell collected. In his essay 'The art of Donald McGill', he described them as "a sort of sub-world ofsmacked bottom and scrawny mothers-in-law which is a part of western European consciousness"
71. Postcard of Donald McGill
72. The American writer Jack London. Twenty-five years before Orwell he had disguised himself as a tramp in London's East End in order to write The People of the Abyss. (BBC Hulton Picture Library)
73. Joseph Conrad: an important influence on Orwell who was planning a major essay on the writer when he died. (Painting by Walter Tittle, 1924. National Portrait Gallery)
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