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[E. M. Forster]
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[George Bishop]
[ 0051 ]

[Stephen Spender]
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[Ignazio Silone]
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[Hugh 'Humhrey' Slater]
[ 0054 ]

[The plaque on the Pond Street]
[ 0055 ]

[Osbert Lancaster's cartoon]
[ 0056 ]

[Orwell's talk on Jack London]
[ 0057 ]

[Note from Orwell to Horrabin]
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[The Talks booking forms]
[ 0059 ]

[Commemoration plaque]
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[Orwell's wartime home]
[ 0061 ]

Legend [d]:
50. E. M. Forster reading his weekly programme 'Some Books'. (Photo: BBC[g])
51. George Bishop and Mulk Raj Anand. (Photo: BBC)
52. Stephen Spender in his Auxiliary Fire Service uniform. (Photo: BBC)
53. Ignazio Silone at a post-war reception with Gwenda David and her husband, Eric Mosbacher, translators of 'The Fox'. (Photo: Hulton Picture Library)
54. Hugh 'Humhrey' Slater, taken at Osterley Park. (Photo: Hulton Picture Library)
55. The plaque at the corner of Pond Street and South End Green ('Booklover's Corner') near to a book shop where Orwell worked in 1934-35. (Courtesy of Andy's 'George Orwell Picture Gallery'.)
56. 'Landscape with figures', Osbert Lancaster's cartoon of the Café Royal. Sir Osbert indetifies some of the figures as follows: 1. Arthur Calder-Marshall, 2. Tom Driberg, 3. Stephen Spender, 4. Kingsley Martin, 5. Cyril Connoly, 6. Osbert Lancaster, 7. Brian Howard, 8. Jack Beddington.
57. The final script for Orwell's talk on Jack London, showing the two censor's stamps. The note at the top - 'For censorship, please' - and the editorial corrections are in Orwell's hand. (Photo: BBC)
58. An autograph note from Orwell to J. F. Horrabin suggesting lines of enquiry for a talk on world geography. (Photo: BBC)
59. A typical specimen of the Talks booking requisition forms used in the Indian Section. (Photo: BBC)
60. Commemoration plaque at 200 Oxford Street recording the building's use by BBC. (Photo: W. J. West)
61. Dorset Chambers, Orwell's first London wartime home. (Photo: W. J. West)
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