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Opera vs. Microsoft

On October 20, 2003, friend of mine, Paul Hirsch ( wrote: ‘I was just about to purchase Opera, but I stopped short when I got to their site. I always get a little jittery when a company's Website goes haywire, and something on the homepage is severely broken.’

I've visited web-site and noticed that they refreshed their home (index) page so it was displayed awfull in Miscrosoft Internet explorer. Then I've created few pages about the case because I was upset with that kind of commercial fighting. At that time I didn't know what was the reason for that.

A month or so later, I've received the letter from John:

Excerpt from the letter

Dag, I'm a little disturbed about your page on Opera. It's true that IE has some problems on Opera's home page, but that's because IE disobeys the standards. Should Opera have to work around IE's problems on their own home page? That page uses standard code, and if IE can't handle it, who's fault is that? Mozilla has no problem with that page.

M$ used scripting on MSN to deliberately feed Opera users bad code in a malicious attack. Opera is playing by the rules laid down by the W3C, which M$ helped write. There is nothing unethical in obeying the standards. If only M$ would do that.

I have to deal with IE every day, and I assure you that browser has really bad problems. Opera is ten times better.


I thought for a whille and decided that he is perfectly right and promissed to destroy that pages. Personally think that any commercial war could be won by supplying of high-quality products only; M$oft is not only too strong but is very aggressive and rude in their ‘fighting-for-customers’ or ‘destroy-the-competitors’ policy. With their way, the quality of their browser is not the most important issue any more.

If you want to read more about Microsoft attitude in today global and ‘free’ market, you will probably like next Opera pages: [Why doesn't MSN work with Opera]

Opera references

1. The beautifull John's project ‘Position Is Everything’ (not only about Opera):
2. Internet project ‘LiteraryMoose’ for Opera fans: (very interesting Contact page there)
3. Tough Opera browser (‘Simply the best Internet experience’):
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