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Gulliver's Travels

‘If I had to make a list of six books which were to be preserved when all others were destroyed, I would certainly put Gulliver's Travels among them.’ — George Orwell: Politics vs. Literature

Gulliver in Lilliput after the sea battle

[Gulliver by Morten]

Illustrated by Morten from the 1864 edition of ‘Gulliver's Travels’ by Jonathan Swift.
Scan © 2003 by Chernyshev M. V.


[Gulliver by Edwin DeMont]

Scan © 2003 Edwin DeMont

‘Gulliver in Lilliput’ — Holiday House, 1995

[Gulliver by Margaret Hodges]

Retold by Margaret Hodges
Illustration copyright © 1995 by Kimberly Bulcken Root

‘Gulliver's Travels’

[Gulliver by Alexander Levitas] [Gulliver by Alexander Levitas]

© 2001 Alexander Levitas

‘Gulliver's Travels’ — J. M. Dent & Co., 1909, London

[Gulliver by Arthur Rackham] [Gulliver by Arthur Rackham] [Gulliver by Arthur Rackham] [Gulliver by Arthur Rackham]

Illustration: © Arthur Rackham Estate

‘Los Viajes de Gulliver’

[Gulliver - drawing] [Gulliver - drawing] [Gulliver - drawing]

© Centre International d'Etudes en Litterature de Jeunesse

‘Gulliver's Travels’ — Jan Förlag, 1947, Stockholm

[Gulliver by Jan Forlag] [Gulliver by Jan Forlag]

Illustration by © Robert Högsfeldt
Nørre Gymnasium

Gulliver and Swift

[Gulliver] [Jonathan Swift] [Jonathan Swift - portrait] [Gulliver - the book front cover]

Scan © 2000-2002 Beverly McClure

Historic Willimantic

[Gulliver by]

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Jonathan Swift on

George Orwell: Politics vs Literature: An examination of Gulliver's travels [L. m.: 2019-12-29]
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