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Henry Graham Greene

Henry Graham Greene, English novelist and playwright. Although most of his works combine elements of the detective story, the spy thriller, and the psychological drama, his novels are essentially parables of the damned.

Greene's heroes realize their sins and achieve salvation only through great pain and soul-searching agony. A Roman Catholic convert, he was intensely concerned with the moral problems of humans in relation to God.

Some of his novels have been ranked as thrillers, and Greene himself called such works as

‘entertainments to distinguish them from his more serious efforts’. His major works, which include

mark him as a novelist of high distinction. Greene was a superb journalist, and many of his novels are set in sites of topical journalistic interest:

His fine sense of comedy is displayed in the short-story collection

Greene also wrote several plays, including

both thinly disguised religious dramas, and

He is also noted for his short stories, essays, film criticism, and film scripts, including the mystery melodrama

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