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Riding Down from Bangor

George Orwell

Riding Down from Bangor, 1946 [L.m./F.s.: 2019-12-29 / 0.15 KiB]
‘The reappearance of Helen's Babies, in its day one of the most popular books in the world — within the British Empire alone it was pirated by twenty different publishing firms, the author receiving a total profit of £40 from a sale of some hundreds of thousands or millions of copies — will ring a bell in any literate person over thirty-five. Not that the present edition is an altogether satisfactory one. It is a cheap little book with rather unsuitable illustrations, various American dialect words appear to have been cut out of it, and the sequel, Other People's Children, which was often bound up with it in earlier editions, is missing...’

‘Riding Down from Bangor’: No any translation available

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