George Orwell
“Down and Out in Paris and London”

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By Penguin:

Orwell's lively and factual record of his experiences among the poor of two capital cities. Few writers have possessed a greater gift for spotting the personality behind the rags, or described the reality of poverty with so little pretence.

‘Uncommonly good reading and a social document of some value. It is, indeed, the best book of its kind I have read for a long time.’ — J. B. Priestley

The cover shows a detail from ‘Bank Holiday in the Park’ by William Roberts, by permission of Ernest Cooper.

First published by Gollancz 1933;
Published in a new uniform edition by Secker and Warburg 1949;
Published in Penguin Books 1940;
Reprinted 1963, 1964;
Reissued in Penguin Modem Classics 1966;
Reprinted 1968.
Copyright © the Estate of Eric Blair, 1933
Made and printed in Great Britain
by C. Nicholls and Company Ltd.
Set in Monotype Baskerville
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Photo: Rodney Todd-White

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