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about George Orwell

Orwell's List [L.m./F.s.: 2019-12-29 / 0.15 KiB]
© 2003 Timothy Garton Ash
‘So there it was at last, the copy of George Orwell's notorious list of “crypto-communists” that went into the files of a semisecret department of the Foreign Office on May 4, 1949. It lay before me in a buff folder on the office table of a senior Foreign Office archivist....’
Orwell for our time [L.m./F.s.: 2019-12-29 / 0.15 KiB]
© 2001 Timothy Garton Ash
‘Why should we still read George Orwell on politics? Until 1989, the answer was plain. He was the writer who captured the essence of totalitarianism. All over communist-ruled Europe, people would show me their dog-eared, samizdat copies of Animal Farm or Nineteen Eighty-Four and ask: ‘How did he know?’...’
Orwell in 1998 [L.m./F.s.: 2019-12-29 / 0.15 KiB]
© 1998 Timothy Garton Ash
‘One can immediately think of half a dozen twentieth-century authors who, line for line, page for page, were consistently better writers: Conrad, Joyce, Eliot, Lawrence, Auden, Waugh. So why don't they get this treatment? Why Orwell?...’
About Timothy Ash [L.m./F.s.: 2019-12-29 / 0.15 KiB]
© 2002, Hoover Institution

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