George Orwell
England, Your England and Other Essays

'England, Your England and Other Essays' (front cover)

Secker and Warburg, 1953


  1. Why I Write, 1946
  2. Writers and Leviathan, 1948
  3. North and South, 1937
  4. Notes on Nationalism, 1945
  5. Anti-Semitism in Britain, 1945
  6. Poetry and the Microphone, 1945
  7. Inside the Whale, 1940
  8. Looking Back on the Spanish War, 1943
  9. Down the Mine, 1937
  10. England Your England, 1941

The same collection as in Such, Such Were the Joys, but the selection on Orwell's school days was excluded and was replaced by two excerpts from The Road to Wigan Pier.

Front cover